, delicious and bursting with flavor this Strawberry Pie is an old-fashioned recipe that has minimal ingredients, intense strawberry flavor and absolutely addicting.

Strawberry pie on plate with whipped cream and milk on side

So we have been gearing up with all things strawberry lately. Now I absolutely adore all the strawberry desserts, like love them. This Strawberry Pie is one of my favorites ever.

My family is huge pie lovers and when it comes to strawberry pie they gobble it right up. You can check out another version of one of our favorite ones with this Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie recipe we make often.

We like to pick strawberries in the summer and freeze them for later use in things such as smoothiescrisps/cobblers and milkshakes.

Now the secret to this recipe being so amazing is that it uses Strawberry Jello. Yes, jello. If you are into old-school recipes then this one may be a familiar one for you.

Strawberry pie whole pie

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